Washington DC Area Sports Stars

The Washington DC Area is represented by a professional team in all 4 major sports leagues and has a rich history in all of them, replete with superb players that have made their mark individually and by helping their respective teams reach their goals and capturing many world championship titles along the way.

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Almost everyone recognizes the logos of the teams that have represented the Washington area in all major sports leagues over their lifetimes. Many of these teams didn't reach the pinnacle of their sport, but there been some that have. There have been some exceptional players on all of these teams and it is the goal of this author to present them here. With the re-addition of Major League Baseball over a decade ago and the Washington Capitals finally capturing the Stanley Cup in Professional Ice Hockey, there has been an upsurge and a revitalization of interest in area sports. The Washington Wizards seem to be trying to find a formula that works and have met with some success as of late, but haven't reach the highest level in 40 years but their play last year rivaled some of those teams of the past. The Washington Redskins organization has been mired in mediocrity on the playing field for over 25 years. Since the Cooke family turned the team over to new owner Dan Snyder the team has had only limited success coupled with some very poor years and records over that span of time. Still, the Redskin's faithful hold out hope that new success is just around the corner. Even when things didn't look good for them as a team, they did have some exceptional players that kept those hopes alive. Many of them will be featured on this site along with some of the newer and younger players that Washington fans will hang their hopes on. If the woeful Washington Valor can capture the Arena Football League title, then that is proof that anything is possible. I can't cover many of the other area's major professional leagues at this time on this web site such as the DC United (Major League Soccer) who virtually owned the sport in their first seven years of existence or some of the other area teams, such as the WNBA's Washington Mystics (Women's Professional Basketball) or the KASTLES (Professional Team Tennis). I will touch upon them as I can and as news warrants, but my focus for now will be on the four major professional leagues that represent the Washington, DC Area. I will however post on some of the personnel in the area minor leagues affiliated with our top organizations as developments warrant because some of these players will one day be wearing a professional Washington Sports uniform.