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Claude Swanson's TECH299 Capstone Course Web Site


Hello and welcome to my TECH299 - Web Certificate/Degree Portfolio Site. This is the area where I will place all of my course-related work, homework assignments and project files.

About Me

I have many various different interests. As long as I can remember I have been around computers in one way or another. I was a proud owner of the first Odyssey console that commercially introduced the first home computer game system. The featured application? Pong! I have been fortunate to have been a part of the computing industry and witnessed all of it from it's very beginnings, from the days of the internet and mainframe computing to all of the expansive rechnology we see and use and depend upon in our daily lives today. I'm not afraid to say that I am a Trekkie. I saw the original episodes---AS THEY AIRED! Even many of their ideas have become part of how we live live and work and play now. So, yes, I am an elder statesman but with that comes a ton of experience. I have worked for many different companies in several different capacities over the years and I have had some great experiences and some not so much so. I have a 26 year-old son who was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army and was one of the valedictorians of Montgomery College last year. I live in Montgomery Village, Maryland with my cat, Pot Roast. He has acted like he owns the place for so long now that I have finally accepted the fact that I'm the boarder here. I love to paint and read and play guitar when I'm not sitting at the helm of my laptop or my I-Mac. I love the fall and holiday seasons and I'm a huge Washington Redskins fan. We have been in a funk for a very long time, but that has got to change at some point, right?

I graduated from Montgomery College in 1982 with Associates Degrees in Secondary Education with concentrations in the Humanities and Applied Science. In 2017 I decided to go back to Montgomery College to pursue what it is that I love to do the most - design and build beautiful, functional, useful and interesting web sites. I completed a Web Design Certificate program in the fall of 2018 and I am currently working on an Associates in Applied Science in Digital Media and Web Technology. I also hold certificates Electronic Records Information Management, Microsoft Office Professional Suite, Advanced Written English, Global WebFocus Accounting Systems and Java Development. Through my most recent training I have become adept at using the entire line of Adobe computing products and have developed other skills including Graphic Design using typography, photography and other various forms of digital art production and manipulation techniques. I now have training and a background employing the most widely-used industry tools and standards for front-end development such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. I have also studied and use back-end development tools such as Cold Fusion to bring even more functionality and interactivity to my web sites by supplying them with the power of database computing. You can view my website creation and application development site and samples of some of my work at:

Claude Swanson's Website Creation and Application Development Site

Some of my favorite websites

Course Resources

Professor Youth's TECH299 Reading List

Table of Contents

Homework, Assignments and Web Projects

  1. 1/28 :: HW1 :: HTML Homepage
  2. 2/11 :: HW2 :: Draft Business Card, Letterhead and Cover Letter
  3. 2/25 :: HW3 :: Final Business Card, Letterhead and Cover Letter
  4. 2/25 :: Unofficial/Not Required :: Preliminary Resume Rough Draft
  5. 3/04 :: HW4 :: Draft Resume


  7. 3/18 :: HW5 :: Final Resume, Letterhead, Cover Letter and Business Card
  8. 3/18 :: HW5 :: Portfolio Site Map and Wire Frame Mock-Up
  9. 4/01 :: HW6 :: Operational Portfolio Prototype
  10. 4/15 :: HW7 :: Final Portfolio

  11. Web Project Work Due

  12. 4/01 :: HW8 :: Web Project Timeline and Deliverables
  13. 4/08 :: HW9 :: Site Maps and Mock-ups
  14. 4/15 :: HW10 :: Operational Web Site Prototypes

  15. Near Semester End Tasks

  16. 4/22 :: Work on Web Projects
  17. 4/29 :: Web Site Finalization Discussion(Web Project due on Friday, May 10th, by 5:00 p.m.)
  18. 5/13 :: Portfolio and Web Project Presentations

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