Homework Assignment #6 Directions/Help

Create a php file that combines all the words in the array "php,mysql,dynamic" with all words on the list "bert, ernie, oscar" to produce a bulleted list of valid passwords.

This template should process two URL parameters named List1 and List2. (Hint: Use two arrays nested within each other to produce all possible combinations of passwords.)

URL for passing variable list:< a href="hw6.php?list1=php,mysql,dynamic&list2=bert, ernie,oscar">HW6

A problem was encountered with variables being passed as strings and not associative arrays. Using the explode() funtion was recommended as a fix. Documentation was provided by Professor available at: https://www.w3schools.com/php/func_string_explode.asp

I chose to solve the homework assignment, by first creating an array for List 1 and List 2 using a single element. Then I appended each array twice with the other required elements to create viable arrays, thus eliminating the comma-delimited problem encountered when using punctuation to separate elements in the lists.

The assignment for Homework 6 still required the use of Nested Foreach Loops to solve accurately. The PHP code for accomplishing this can be found:HERE

Creating a Password Combination List from Two Separate Arrays and displaying it in a "Bulleted" List

Homework 6

My Password List

  • phpbert
  • phpernie
  • phposcar
  • mysqlbert
  • mysqlernie
  • mysqloscar
  • dynamicbert
  • dynamicernie
  • dynamicoscar