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Current Projects

My most current project is this new business portfolio website.

Past Endeavors

Something I am very proud of was the Software Library that I built, implemented and managed for Lockheed Martin Mission Systems while addressing the Year 2000 concern.

Looking to the Future

I have several projects under way right now including a website that features the stars of all of the major professional sports teams in the Washington, DC area, a medical marijuana database to handle current changes in the law and our society and a travel website pointing out the best places to live and visit on the east coast. I will be unveiling some of these projects early in 2019 and some others I have under wraps will be posted in 2020. I'll be getting some much-needed time off soon so I'm looking forward to being able to invest some time in them.

While putting the components for this web site together I received the same suggestion from several people that are close and dear to me. Apparently, there is a popular desire out there to have more quality Inspirational web sites on the internet. So, I am going to give it a try.

Click here to see the Inspirational Quotes and Wise Sayings slider that will be included in yet another project from yours truly.

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All the best!

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