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More About Me, Part II

Here is where I present for your perusal, some examples of my work.

First though, the all-important Curiculum Vitae (The Resume):

My 2018 Resume

You have already seen some of my work if you have visited my Gallery on this web site. If you haven't, then I invite you to take a closer look at some of my artistic offerings at:


It was necessary to include a table as part of the requirements for this Portfolio project. What better way to do that than to provide one here for you to see. This is a Site Map, of this web site in tabular form, complete with working navigational links:

Site Map Table

The following are some links to some mini-apps that I developed in my Cold Fusion Web Application Development class. I have decided that this format will serve as the foundation for much of the software and applications I will create in the future. Although these applications look very similar in appearance, they were arrived at in completely different ways.

Example 1 was hard-coded. By that, I mean I wrote and built every component individually, by hand depending only upon my skills as a web pager producer using mostly HTML with some Cold Fusion to internally direct the application on what to do to provide the output that you see. Example 2 was Engineered and developed using Cold Fusion as well, but it uses Cold Fusion's ability to power it with robust data-driven web technology such as a standalone database or multiple data sources so it is capable of nearly unlimited output and results.

So, Example 1 would be something that an individual or small firm would consider because it can offer some nice capabilities at a modest price but would require regular maintenance to keep it up to date, while Example 2 would be something that a larger firm or corporation would find useful to their business because of it's expanded capabilities and the tools available to interface with it to manage content and do things such as provide reports.

Example 1

Example 2

Future Home of Additional Examples