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The Gallery

Kitty Painting Kitty Tag Game Kitties on guard Kitty Afraid Warm Laundry Kitty in chair watching TV King of the Jungle at home in Washington, DC Giant Panda headed back home to China after 2 year stay in Washington, DC Short walkway in the sand to Rehoboth Beachl, DE Bird prints in the wet sandy surf A lone Seagull flies over an orange-red surf double rainbows Hidden Brook An Old Country Road just after an early morning rain. Lone Pony Dandelions Chesapeake Bay Bridges in both directions Ocean City Amusement Pier at dusk A sandy walkway at the beach in Ocean City, MD June 2017 August 2017 partial solar eclipse over North America Washington Monument with hardly anyone around Lighthouse painting turned into a jigsaw puzzle Painting of Glacier Bay Alaska National Park Painting of Washington, DC in springtime with cascade of cherry blossoms lining the tidal basin of the Anacostia River with the Washington Monument in the background reflecting in the water Painting of what could be any metropolitan area in any major city in the United States with reflections of building lights in the water. Photoshop Creation of a Strike in Bowling in action with highlights and shadows on the pins against a royal blue background Photoshop Creation of someone looking out of an office bulding window at several cities floating on colorful clouds illuminated by a brilliant rainbow