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Welcome to my Web Site Creation and Application Development Site. All pages are created Using HTML5 and CSS3... the most up-to-date industry standards. Cold Fusion provides the back-end support and makes possible the dynamic functionality I have always desired to have on my web pages to make them very useful for any end user. I also use Javascript and jQuery to build some applications and provide even more functionality. I can tailor my products to fill just about any need. In the meantime, I am always looking to improve upon my work with new tools as they become available and by creating new ones wherever the need arises.

Feel free to look around and try things out. I find myself constantly in the process of updating and improving on some of my older works and building new sites and applications. If something is missing without explanation or if you need assistance, then please contact me at:


Web Sites

Inspiration for Your New Life Ahead

Current Case Study - Pacific Trails Resort - Essential Web Page Elements

My Current Portfolio

Swanson Technologies Portfolio Web Site

My JavaScript TECH276 Final Project - A Fully-featured course knowledge game

My Washington DC Area Major Sports Stars Site

My Lighthouses in America Site

A Customizable Medical Marijuana Patient Database Management System

A Parallax/Scrolling Background Type Web Page Demo

Prototype Landing Page for Lindsay's Coffee


Some Holiday Cheer - Christmas Eve in Washington

More Holiday Cheer - Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Happy New Year - Auld Lang Syne

A Family Photo Album with Jukebox

Easy-Peezy "To-Do" List, Demo Only. (This application uses Local Storage Only. It won't save your data.)

A Meditation App

Dark Halloween

The Beauty of Christmas

A Tribute to the 2019 MLB World Series Winning World Champion Washington Nationals

Color to Black and White Photograph Morpher

Claude's Next Level Movie Finder

Claude's Next Level Recipe Finder

Javascript Applications

Basic Math

Temperature Conversion

Improved Secret Number Game

Improved Better Object Array(not interactive)

Claude's Movie Search Application

Author's Live Test Bed: Links to Other Software for Educational Purposes, Testing or Review:

Browser Safety Color Pallette

Extended Color Pallete (includes Web safe Colors and next line shades)

Hard-coded Data Drilldown- Dessert Information Example

Metric Madness - My Final Visual Programming in C# Project - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

In Development

My Guide to the Best Places to Live, Work and Visit in the Eastern United States - Version 2.0