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Background and Philosophy

For many years I served as a contract employee providing administrative services. My desire was to learn as much as I could in as many fields as I could so that I could eventually move over to the executive side of a business or company where I could have more hands-on experience and control over more facets of the work in which I was involved. What I learned was that I quickly became more valuable to each organization I represented in the particular role that I was in at the time. I would quickly become a part of that landscape and a dependable member of that team, but without moving on would become a necessary and expected part of that functioning group. Once growth had slowed or stopped I found it integral to my development to move on. I wanted to learn more, see more and do more... manage projects and the daily functions and routines and add my expertise to solve problems and present companies in a better light, more professional and with fairness to all and inclusion of everyone willing to strive toward the same goals with an eye toward excellence. I couldn't do that standing still or allowing myself to be taken for granted for too long. So that is the path I have taken.

Book learning has it's place and always will, but there is also much to be said about on-the-job experience. Anyone that has worked anywhere will confirm that no matter how well-trained they were going into a new job, that, as a new employee of any company, corporation or even a partnership, that they had to be retrained to do the job the way that particular organization needs or requires it to be done. The same can be said for those going into a job with only real ife experience and/or limited school or training on their side. They will not be able to perform some tasks without the prerequisite training. Companies and corporations spend millions, perhaps billions, of dollars in precious revenue every year training new and experienced employees in the disciplines that are required to run their organizations successfully, safely and within the confines of local, state and federal law. The good news for me is that I have exposure and training on both sides of the fence. I have that valuable real-life experience that employers desire and I also know, understand and can utilize theory learned and practiced from many hours and years spent in the classroom. I think it is an effective combination.

I believe that communication is key when it comes to any relationship in the workplace. Whether that relationship is between management and staff, between staff and coworkers, between representatives and customers, between employees and vendors, ownership and the media... so and so forth, people must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with one another. Expectations need to be established and understood and above all, we must be fair with one another. We must strive to be open and honest with one another and solve problems before conflicts arise and do it in a mature manner until all parties are in mutual agreement in an agreed-upon course of action that is fair and equitable for all. To me, that is the most certain way to avoid strife and tensions in the workplace and make it a comfortable environment where everyone can be happy and productive.